About Carol

Carol’s oil paintings, many of which have roots in pattern, decoration and portraiture, are richly layered with a variety of mixed media including gold leaf, photo transfer and text.

Her work explores the depth and vitality of the human spirit when faced with immeasurable loss and devastation - our innate ability to survive tragedy. From natural disasters that decimate homes and families, to man-made atrocities, Carol, like many others, finds it difficult to comprehend what it would take for survivors to pick themselves up and begin life again.

What resources do we possess that will ensure our survival in the face of calamity?

What parts of our essential humanity and which aspects of our personal character surface when we feel pain or when we are experiencing great loss?

It was the terror attacks of September 11th that propelled Carol to paint. Her work became an expression that would challenge her to assess her own capacity to face difficulty, embrace change, and live vigorously with fortitude and hope.

Much of Carol’s work focuses on honoring women by painting the faces that represent those who have endured immense loss, including those who were forced into enslavement.

Recognized by many regional and national juried exhibitions, Carol’s paintings have been represented in galleries, awarded prizes, published and sold to public and private collections in the US and Europe.

(860) 634-1251
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